We are about to head into the long Labor Day weekend and the unofficial end of summer, but the pain at the pump is far from over. Gas prices in Idaho are expected to make a jump in the next few days and stay high into mid-September.

Why Idaho Gas Prices are Expected to Increase Over Labor Day Weekend

AAA sent out an email report on Idaho gas prices to discuss the high prices and when we might see a drop in gas prices. The average price for gas in Idaho is $4.16 per gallon which is nearly 25 cents higher than a month ago and is the 9th most expensive gasoline price in the country. In Twin Falls the average price per gallon for Regular gas is still under $4. According to the Gas Buddy website, most Twin Falls gas stations are around $3.97. The lowest gas price is at Costco, $3.92, and the Chevron on Addison is listed highest at $3.98. But that’s only the stations listed on Gas Buddy, driving down Blue Lakes I saw a few that were already over $4 in Twin Falls.

Since 2016, there has only been one year with higher gas prices over the Labor Day weekend. In 2022, the average price was $4.52 in Idaho and just $2.46 back in 2016.

Credit AAA/Canva
Credit AAA/Canva

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AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde also informs us that gas prices haven’t peaked yet:

with fuel demand going strong both for Idahoans and for those who are passing through, we may not see prices calm down until mid-September at the earliest, when the switch to less-expensive winter-blend fuel and lower demand may lend a helping hand.

The AAA report does have some good news for Idaho though. While gas prices are among the highest in the nation the costs of owning and operating a car in Idaho are among the lowest. The numbers are due mainly to lower-than-average insurance rates and registration fees in Idaho.

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