Gas prices in Idaho are climbing higher and faster than the temperature. Will the higher gas prices affect Idahoans' plans for summer fun and are the high gas prices really any different than previous years?

If there’s a silver lining to the bad news it’s that, even though Idaho gas prices are among the top 10 highest in the nation, pump prices are about a dollar cheaper than one year ago. Idaho is 9th on the list of most expensive gas prices where the national average is $3.55.

Idaho Gas Prices are Listed Among Highest in the Nation

The average price per gallon for fuel in Idaho is $3.88, which is 5 cents higher than last week but 92 cents lower than this time last year. It’s also significantly lower than the record average gas price set last July in Idaho at $5.25. Diesel fuel sits at just over $4 per gallon, but that’s down 2 cents from last week and $1.57 from last year. Diesel peaked at $5.89 on June 26th of last year.

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In Idaho, not all pumps are the same. The highest gas prices are in Franklin at $4.10 according to data from Stacker.

Who’s To Blame For The High Idaho Gas Prices

The high-priced gasoline in Idaho is a direct reflection of issues at refineries in Utah (where the average gallon cost is $4.14). Utah refineries are the main supplier of fuel to Idaho. There are 5 oil refineries in Utah capable of processing 206,000 barrels of crude oil per day. Saudi Arabia has also announced plans to cut production of crude oil by 1 million barrels per day. Keeping up with higher demands as summer travel begins can cause average gas prices to rise this time of year.

Will the rising gas prices affect Idahoans and their travel plans? According to research from AAA, a report was released stating:

Right now, we don’t anticipate many people giving up on their summer travel plans, especially with where prices were a year ago. But it’s still a good idea to bundle your errands whenever possible, avoid stop-and-go traffic, and take full advantage of any fuel rewards points that you can earn at grocery stores and other retailers. That could help cushion the blow a bit.

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