When something is kind of crazy people call it 'bananas' but in Idaho we call it 'potatoes'. Actually, no we don't but every other state thinks of potatoes when they think of us which is actually pretty bananas. Living here we know Idaho is more than potatoes. I'm not saying potatoes aren't a big deal, but honestly when was the last time you saw a potato in the wild (not at the grocery store) in Idaho?

There's a new video on YouTube that takes clips from Spongebob Squarepants and uses them to represent each of the United States. For Alabama it's a clip of a bunch of very country looking and sounding plankton, Hawaii gets repped by a surfer clip, and Idaho gets potatoes. Well really we get Pat-tatoes.

Spongebob is sitting in the sand next to a bag labeled 'POTATOES' when Patrick pops out of the bag with taters for teeth. Spongebob then tells him they can be farming buddies.

The whole video is pretty funny, not just because its Spongebob, since the video clips used are pretty good comedic representations of the stereotypes of each state. Don't skip the end because you'll want to see the clips for Utah and Wyoming.

This YouTube video reminded me of the Idaho potato song from The Amazing World of Gumball:

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And in case you are wondering what led to the death and resurrection of the Idaho potato: it was junk food and late night partying.

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