According to Thrillist, Idaho has a new creepiest urban legend. I guess technically it isn't new, just the latest crowned as the creepiest and a legend I had never heard before.

What is Idaho's Creepiest Urban Legend?

This scare-king of creepy legends comes from Caldwell with the Phantom Jogger of Canyon Hill. Of course, Canyon Hill is a cemetery which really adds to the creepiness. The legend goes that if you park in between two specific trees at night and wait, the female jogger will knock on your car window. She is described as being a legless apparition, which has to make it hard as a jogging ghost.

Idaho is a state ripe with ghost stories and urban legends, and I honestly think that a legless jogging lady isn't the creepiest. I stick by my story from a few years ago about the Water Babies of Massacre Rock. You don't even need the full story to know, just by the name, that this is a creepy tale. But just so you know - the story involves drowned Native American babies who turned into water monsters.

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There are other great spooky places in Idaho including the Pocatello High School where a ghost roams the halls. The Gooding Hospital would be creepy without ghost stories and just based on its history. Even right here in Twin Falls, there are tales (and videos) of ghost activity at Milner's Gate.

Most Terrifying Attractions In Southern Idaho

The Perrine Bridge by itself isn't that big of a deal in the fear-factor category until you decide to do a BASE jump. That's when the fear level goes up to 10. Other places are just scary as the bridge.

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