You still have Halloween sugar flowing through your veins so we'll share one more scary story from Idaho. And, this may be the creepiest of them all! The urban legend is called the Water Babies of Massacre Rock. Just the name is creepy!

What are the Water Babies of Massacre Rock in Idaho

The story goes that years ago near Pocatello, during a time of famine, Native American mothers would drown their babies rather than let them starve to death and suffer. Those drowned babies became little water monsters and now lure people into the water.

I know there are some creepy places and urban legend stories in Idaho but little 'water monster babies' takes the cake for me. I'm never going to Massacre Rocks State Park.

Other Tales of Water Babies

The Water Babies of Southern Idaho are terrifying, so don’t confuse them with the less traumatic Water Babies movie from 1978 where a kid finds an underwater world filled with babies being held captive by a shark and an eel. You may not remember the movie, but you almost definitely know the High Cockalorum song that the main character sings with his lobster friend.

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If that little ditty made you craving more Water Babies, you can actually watch the entire movie on YouTube. Just try not to think of the water babies as drowned Native American babies and you should be fine.

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Watch the full Water Babies movie below:

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