Idaho is a great place to live if you are looking for a summer job. It is also nice that we are surrounded by other states that are among the top places for summer jobs. Idaho has a few cities in the top percentage in the nation. Boise is ranked at #20 and Nampa is not far behind at #70 out of nearly 200 cities.

Source: WalletHub

That's good news for job prospects and for job pay - because you may be able to find the same the same job in Idaho and Montana, but they pay may vary, and that better pay is part of what helps Idaho chart so high. We know that right now the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is hiring and so is McDonald's with pay higher than minimum wage.

Like we mentioned - maybe you want to get out of Idaho but not too far away? According to WalletHub and as you can see in the interactive map above, Denver is ranked at #4 and Salt Lake City is up at #9. If you would prefer to head to the coast, Portland , Salem, and Seattle are all in the top 25. It's nice to have options and that is what you get living in Idaho.

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