Artificial Intelligence, robots, and technology are an incredible force in the world and they are becoming a bigger part of the workforce every day. Jobs that we thought were safe are being lost to AI or becoming easier due to technology, allowing 1 person to do the job that used to take multiple people. It seems like no job is safe anymore.

In Idaho, we may still seem like a state of country bumpkins, but we rely more on technology now than ever before.

Idaho Jobs Most Likely to be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence

A lot of research went into a recent study to find out which Idaho jobs are most likely to be taken over by Artificial Intelligence. The website Bet Kentucky specializes in knowing and understanding the odds of things happening and they looked into popular jobs and the possibility of a robot doing that job. In Idaho, they found 3 jobs that have a 100 percent chance of AI taking over and 7 others with odds higher than 85 percent. It’s worth noting that the job may not be done by AI, in some cases it may eliminate certain jobs. Looking at you ‘self-checkout’ lines. These are the 10 jobs most at risk of becoming AI jobs and we’ll also list the top 10 safest jobs from an AI takeover.

10 Idaho Jobs Most Likely To Be Stolen By AI

Do you work in one of the at-risk jobs or is yours considered safe based on the odds? It's scary that there are 3 jobs that have a 100 percent chance of losing jobs to Artificial Intelligence.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

10 Idaho Jobs Safest From an Artificial Intelligence Takeover

No job is 100 percent safe from being replaced by robots or Artificial Intelligence, but these are the 10 least likely jobs in Idaho.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

Do you work in one of the at-risk jobs or is yours considered safe based on the odds? I’m pretty terrified of the thought that truck drivers are extremely likely to be replaced by AI but optimistic that talking with AI customer service will be better than what we normally get when we make a service call.

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To get their results, Bet Kentucky used information based on wages and a really interesting website called ‘Will Robots Take My Job’.

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