This seems like a no-brainer and is obviously a job that can only go to Arnold Schwarzenegger because this has Terminator written all over it. A robotics company is looking for a friendly face to become the actual face of their future robots. There are a lot of secrets in this contest. We don't know that name of the company or what the exact use for the robots will be other than to be a virtual friend to elderly people. So, if that sounds like something you want to become then today is your lucky day. The company Geomiq is looking for, on behalf of the secret company, someone to become the face of possibly thousands of robots in the future.

If that type of fame isn't enough to get you interested there is also monetary compensation for the chosen face of the future. If chosen by the company you'll also receive £100,000 to license the rights to your face. Since this is America and I have no idea if that is a lot of money I had to look it up. It is a lot of money. The winner will get around $130,000. That's a nice chunk of change to have thousands of robotic versions of you running around. The robots are set to go into production next year so you'll need to apply fast if you want in.

While the details are scare right now Geomiq assures candidates that the winner will be contacted and given all the details of the project. All you need to do to be considered is to submit a picture of your face to

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