Artificial Intelligence can be a useful tool. But, that is all it is right now - a tool. AI is definitely getting better and in some cases that is scary. But, when it comes to understanding sarcasm or prompts that aren’t very clear, AI is still struggling.

That’s actually the good news because it means the AI takeover is still a few years away, at least.

What Happened When We Asked AI to Reimagine 10 Places in Idaho

To prove that AI still has a way to go, we asked the AI using the Magic Studio in the widely popular Canva design program to create pictures based on the prompts we gave it. Most of them are not good…but they are hilarious! Sometimes AI has issues with humans and animals when it comes to how many body parts they should have or where those body parts are supposed to be. AI in Canva does do a good job with landscapes and buildings though.

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Check out what we asked AI and what it came up with in the gallery below.

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AI still has a long way to go - so for now it is more entertaining than scary. Check out the prompts we gave AI and the results. Pay special attention to how many body parts it gives animals and where it puts them!

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

It isn’t a question of IF Artificial Intelligence will become part of our lives that we can’t live without but more a question of WHEN. AI is already impacting and taking jobs across the world.

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The top 3 jobs with the biggest risk of being lost to AI in Idaho are Office Clerks, Freight Movers, and Bookkeepers. Research says those jobs have a 100 percent chance of eventually being lost to AI.

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