While it may seem like it will never come, warm weather is fast approaching, and once summer is here, people will be craving some time in the lake, pool, and of course water parks. There aren't many water parks in southern Idaho, so people often travel to Salt Lake City to go to Lagoon or Cowabunga Bay. If people want to stay in-state and travel a little less, Roaring Springs near Boise is another, and it is about to get a major facelift.

Roaring Springs in Meridian Expanding

Snake River Run credit YouTube Roaring Springs
Snake River Run credit YouTube Roaring Springs

Roaring Spring Water Parking, located at 400 West Overland Road in Meridian, near Boise, is set to see it have its biggest expansion to date. The park will increase by 40 percent as it looks to expand into a twelve-acre lot on the east side of the park.

Expansion Plan for Roaring Springs

The expansion will be done in seven phases and will take 10 to 15 years to complete the entire project. If all goes according to plan, phase one will be complete by next summer, 2023. They are set to break ground next month for the first phase and it will consist of an interactive play structure with seven slides, an action river, an activity pool, cabanas, a restaurant, and will introduce the park to its first bar.

Credit: Markus Krisetya on Unsplash
Credit: Markus Krisetya on Unsplash

The remaining phases will be done over the next decade, with most of them focusing on more rides, with the final two phases focusing on parking. In terms of what new rides will be added, it will be decided as each new phase begins. The expansion will almost double the water park in size and make it one of the biggest in the United States.

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Patience will be hard, waiting for every phase to be complete, but if by next summer, phase one is done, then that will help satisfy the anticipation. How often will you drive up to Boise to visit the park once it has even more to offer than it already does? Going into phases will make each summer that much more anxious, but when it is all done, Roaring Springs will be one of the nicest water parks in the country and only be a couple of hours from Twin Falls. 

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