I don't think that revenge is usually the best reaction to a bad situation, but sometimes it works out so well.

Idaho Woman Finds Out Her Boyfriend Is Cheating And Teams Up With The Other Women For A Revenge Road Trip

It really wouldn't take much for this real-life story to become a Hollywood movie. Morgan Tabor, of Boise Idaho, found out that her boyfriend had been communicating with several other women and made the obvious choice to contact those girls. According to a story on Uproxx, it was during one of those Facetime conversations that her boyfriend showed up at the house of the girl she was talking to. He had flowers in hand and a look on his face that was 'the most cinematic moment ever.'

Where Did They Go On Their Revenge Road Trip?

Three of the women decided to go all-in and bought an old bus, renovated the inside so they could live in it, and started their journey right here in Idaho. Starting with a trip through the Sawtooth Mountains and then a stop in Jackson Hole, the three women then visited Teton National Park. Their plan is to be on the beach in California by fall. They documented the bus renovation and their trip so far on Instagram.

Here's The Bus Before The Renovations

Check Out The Bus After The Remodel

I think it's cool that these girls were able to forge a friendship out of their situation. I'm also impressed that they were all able to drop everything and do this kind of adventure. Maybe they should come through Twin Falls and check out our great places to visit. The Bam Bus adventures continue and you can keep up on what these ladies are doing on their Instagram page.

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