It seems like every state has issues with people moving in from other states. I have never heard anyone say they were happy we had more people moving here from Texas or Colorado - and especially not from California.

Each person moving in from another state has their reason. Their current state might be ugly, too full of people, they don’t like the government or laws, or they have to move for jobs or family reasons. But, if you live in California currently or recently moved to Idaho or Utah by choice, we have a video you need to see.

Californians Should Know This First Before Moving to Idaho or Utah

We came across a video on Instagram from a man talking about some great news for Californians who want to move back to Cali. We know you left for a reason, but this info might be exactly what you need to have the confidence to make the move back.

Now, the information is presented in a serious way but is obviously meant to be comedic with a side of truth. That’s how we handle discomfort, we make jokes to relay our true feelings. But that is fantastic news about the taste of oranges and the homeless all having homes now. Good job California!

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I’ve wondered pretty often about the notion that we all hate California, but then I realized that we don’t. I love visiting California in the summer as do many other people…and then we head back to our homes in a different state grateful that we don’t live there. We don’t complain about California - we complain about the people in California. So, if you do move to our state from Cali, be aware that all you need to do is not try to make our state like California and we’ll probably be fine.

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