You may love your life and you may be living a great life, but I’d bet that the dog in this video is living at a level that would make pretty much anyone jealous.

WATCH: Why is This Twin Falls Dog Living a Better Life Than Us?

This video was shared with me on social media with the comment that this has to be in Twin Falls. After watching it, it most definitely is. The video shows an amazing view of the Snake River Canyon and in the distance, you can clearly make out the one-of-a-kind Perrine Bridge. In fact, it was posted to an Instagram page named ‘perrine_bridge’.

That view is amazing! It is also a little terrifying at the beginning of the video because it looks like the deck drops straight off into the canyon. Which does not seem safe. Towards the end of the video you can see that it only drops a few feet into the yard of the house…and then into the canyon. Also at the end of the video, the credit for the clip goes to the TikTok account for Walmart Jason Statham which is a hilarious name and it makes sense if you look at his other videos.

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In a video where he BASE jumps with the great Miles Daisher, he really does look like an Idaho knockoff of Jason Statham.

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