Well, here's another trailer hitch to the shin for Idaho. Yes, that is a very Idaho analogy that I just made up. You're welcome.

If you've ever ran into a trailer hitch on the back of a truck then you know what I'm talking about. It is a special kind of pain...but back to the analogy. According to information from Simplemost that they got from Pinterest, Idaho's favorite food isn't even a food. It's canning.

Yeah, apparently our favorite food is the act of making food that we can eat next year.

What a rip off. Even Missouri with cheesecake dips (whatever those are) and Vermont with beets are better off than we are because, even if it it gross, they actually got a food for theirs.

I do get that canning is something that is big in Idaho and Utah but I don't get how that counts as our favorite food. Shouldn't it be potatoes for Pete's sake?!

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