Lately I've found myself staying up extra late browsing Facebook and watching 'Fail' videos. I'm admitting that I have a problem as a first step on my journey to not be so stinking tired every day. There have been nights where 2 am rolls around and I'm still up watching videos and wondering how the human race is still around. Then the next thing I know, I'm watching a 5 Minute Crafts video on how to reuse household items to plant a garden and compilation videos of Vines that are actually more funny at 2 am when you are exhausted. You may be on that same digital boat that I am. We need someone to take away our electronics at night so that we'll go to sleep at a decent time.

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If you also feel like you need a digital detox but find yourself lacking the actual motivation to make the move, a company is looking to pay someone just like you. Oddly, that company is a digital based company from Utah called Satellite Internet. In their 'digital detox challenge' they are looking to pay someone $1,000 to spend 48 hours on vacation at a National Park in an RV with no screen-time. They'll even reimburse your RV rental and food expenses.

Count me in - I legit already did this at least three times over the summer without getting paid for it. If you also want in, check out their website for all the details and submission form. This sound like the perfect opportunity to get in one of those quick Yellowstone vacations.

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