By now, most people in Twin Falls have either seen or know about the unique limo that has been parked in a dirt lot on Washington Street for many months. If you haven't seen it, we'll give you a free pass for living under a rock because of the pandemic. Basically this car is pretty ugly which is also what makes it the topic of discussion. I recently saw a rant in a Facebook group about the limo where the poster was clearly not happy about the eyesore. The post has more than 100 comments and surprisingly not all of them are anti-limo. Some even seem to think the limo should be left in the lot and named as a local landmark.

Washington Street Limo

Twin Falls is home to some true landmarks with the Perrine Bridge, Shoshone Falls, and Evel Knievel jump site, so a 'local landmark' is a stretch but the car is definitely a sight and one that many of us see every day. It would definitely surprise me if one day it were to be gone. Let us know in the poll below what you think of the car.

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