There is a lot to love about Twin Falls. Here at the radio station, we have written dozens of stories about the good things, the people, and the places that make the city awesome. That doesn't mean we love everything about it though. We could do without crime, drugs, potholes, Blue Lakes in general, and a few terrible intersections.

Which Is The Worst Intersection In Twin Falls?

When listing the worst of the intersections around town, it is easy to single out the 5 points on Addison at Washington or at Kimberly and Blue Lakes, but I think there is one that's much worse. If you have ever driven from the south side of Twin Falls and up Washington then you've gone through the worst intersection in Twin Falls.

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Where Washington Street meets 2nd Ave W, it is an annoying junction of asphalt roads that don't line up and enough STOP signs and blinking lights to cover multiple intersections. This is actually a big part of the problem, this one intersection is actually multiple intersections in one. Sure, they added blinking lights but it feels that that is just one more distraction to add to the area.

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Here's Why Washington Street and 2nd Ave W Is The Worst

Oh, horrible intersection, how I hate thee - let me count the ways:

  1. When you stop at the sign going north, you can see the traffic light just a few feet ahead of you. When it's green and you are stuck waiting for cars to turn it can give you driving anxiety as you pray you get through this stop sign in time to hit the light while it is still green. It usually isn't. That's the worst, knowing you almost made it: Every. Single. Time.
  2. If you are heading north on Washington and the southbound traffic doesn't use a blinker you can be sitting there for quite a while waiting and guessing if it's safe to go. That only adds to the anger this area causes.
  3. If you are heading south on Washington from Addison and planning to go straight, there's a pretty good chance someone is going to try to zip past you and cut into your lane to make it from the turning lane in time. As an added hatred bonus, that person will also probably have to slam on their brakes because they'll try to turn right onto 2nd Ave W just a few feet later.
  4. If my driving class memories are correct, you can't turn across a solid double-double yellow line, which means you can't legally turn left from 2nd Ave W. You also can't turn left onto 2nd from Washington, which is probably better to cut down on cars jumping in and out of the road. Yet people still try to do it.
  5. That being said (no crossing the solid double-double yellow lines), what is the purpose of the STOP sign at the northwest corner of the intersection? Is it just for added confusion?
  6. Sometimes you'll see a car going the wrong way on that curved one-way road. Yikes.
  7. To add to the confusion of the intersection, there is also the word 'SCHOOL XING' printed right at that intersection on Washington. The crosswalk is a block away between Delong and 4th Ave/Buhl Street. So just a few feet away you have another possibility of traffic congestion. On a side note, there is no school speed limit posted. If that is a school crosswalk, it has to be the most dangerous place a kid can cross in the city.
  8. Another problem, which isn't the fault of the intersection, is the drivers. We already know the intersection can be frustrating, so when the chance for a car to go does finally happen and the car doesn't move. That's infuriating.

So, eight is the number of reasons I hate the Washington and 2nd W intersection.

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