Going to work can be a drag. It is the same thing every day, and there are many days most of us wake up and dread going to work. The routine never seems to end, the early morning and long shifts, and coworkers you don't enjoy are all reasons to not like going to work. As the dread drags on, it can lower morale, especially when employees are showing up in a bad mood and spreading it throughout the workplace. Taking vacations helps to hit the reset button, but the problem is they don't happen enough, and then you have to come back and start the routine all over again. There is one surefire way to improve the work environment and make employees look forward to coming to work each day.

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Credit: opolja
Credit: opolja

One of the worst parts about working each day is when you hit the middle portion of the day and fatigue begins to kick in. You have been working hard all morning, or staring at your screen for far too long, and focus becomes tough. While a lunch break helps, sometimes having a full belly can make you more tired and make the afternoon even tougher. What can businesses do to help improve morale and help their employees be more productive? How about adding a nap room and allowing nap time for all employees? 

Nap Time at Work in Idaho

Credit: txking
Credit: txking

Imagine being able to show up to work, getting through your morning, and then having a 30-minute or hour-long break to go into a room, lie down, turn off the lights, and get a nap. Even if you don't want to nap, being able to lay down and let your eyes or body rest, depending on your job, is a nice way to reset before finishing the back half of the day. While adults don't typically need or take naps, think back to how much you enjoyed nap time as a kid. You took a nap in the middle of the day, woke up, and had plenty of energy to play and finish out the day. If it works for our children, why would it not work for adults? There would have to be a time limit and rules to the nap room, but being able to get some rest during the day would likely increase work morale and production. 

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Start filing a petition and see if you can get your job to install a nap room. If work morale is down and production is down, it could solve all the problems, and likely the employers would enjoy it as well. Naps are great, and Idahoans need them at work.

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