Performance Reviews For Marriages?
No marriage is perfect. Marriage is work that usually comes with great rewards. I will be the first to admit that my husband and I don't always have the smoothest conversations. So when researchers suggested that a performance review could improve my marriage I was curious.
You're Most Miserable in Your 40s
We all remember being in our 20's. Our biggest worry was paying our rent on time and not getting fired. Life was so wonderful and easy.  If you feel like you might never be as happy as your were in your 20's there is good news. You'll find that happiness again ...
How To Make Women Happy
A wise man once told me..."happy wife, happy life". If this is true, you may want to read these seven tips we found from FemaleFirst on how to keep the lady in your life happy.
1.  Cooking for her.
What Little Thing Makes You Happy?
If you ask me, it truly is about the little things that make us happy on a daily basis. It has to be that way because, if you are anything like me, the big things only come around every 5 years or so.
Positive Passwords Can Improve Your Mood
Science is great! Even the happiest person can feel down in the dumps some days. So how do you get that little bit of a pick me up or mood booster when you are feeling low? Science says that positive passwords can improve your mood.
Facebook Tried To Control With Your Emotions
I know it sounds a little dramatic - like the tag line to a movie, but Facebook tried to mess with your emotions - but only proved that we can't be controlled! What they did is back in 2012 they monitored the feeds and posts of around 700,000 people and to half of them only showed positive posts fro…
Getting A Library Card Feels As Good As A $2300 Pay Raise
OK - hold the phone for just a minute. When I think of things that make people happy, I think - money, food, vacations, spa days, funny movies! I do not think of people going to the library. According to a new study though, getting a library card feels as good as a $2300 pay raise. The study also sa…
Does Using Your Phone Make You Happier
Technology has become a large part of our lives. But just how attached to it are we? A new survey asked people to go without the apps on their phones for just 4 days - and a third of them couldn't do it and the rest felt instantly happier when they did!

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