Idaho is known as being a hotspot for UFO activity, but rarely are the reports anything more than a blip or light in the sky. We have reports of numerous bigfoot sightings, but unless he’s from space, we don’t have anything about actual aliens on the ground in Idaho that I could find.

LOOK: Do You Remember When This Alien Showed Up In Downtown Twin Falls?

I was recently going through old pictures of downtown Twin Falls that our news guy, Benito, had taken during the construction of the Downtown Commons and installation of the new sidewalk area. In the pictures, I noticed something very strange. There’s a naked alien (well, at least it has an apron on) standing on the corner of Main and Hansen. I didn’t go downtown during the construction craze so I missed this, but do you remember seeing the grey guy?

Alien Spotted In Downtown Twin Falls

The grey guy was seen on the corner of Main and Hansen during the construction of the new Downtown Commons. Why was he there and where is he now? Also, is he wearing pants yet?

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

Obviously, and thankfully, the downtown alien wasn’t real and only a temporary statue. But as with any alien or UFO sighting, it remains a mystery to me and many others. We have real questions, including why was it placed there and where is it being stored now?


I’ve seen some interesting sights over Idaho. A few years ago my car dash cam caught video of a light traveling across the sky that spooked me a little bit. I haven’t been able to see the Starlink Satellites yet, but I heard that’s a pretty surreal experience too.

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