Accidents happen, and they occur in every state every day. Not all accidents are the same, as some can be slightly damaging, some can cause severe injuries, and others can lead to death. Anytime someone gets behind the wheel and leaves their home, there is a chance that they could be in an accident and also a chance they may never return home. Despite these chances, most of us get behind the wheel every day and continue to drive where we need to go. What sadly is happening in Idaho needs to stop though, and that is that far too many fatal incidents are occurring and it needs to end before it is too late.

Too Many Fatal Accidents in Idaho

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Credit Canva

There have been far too many accidents and fatalities lately, not only in the Magic Valley but the entire state. Day after day, there are reports of another fatality it seems. Recently, there were multiple deaths in multiple accidents, there was a fatal motorcycle accident, multiple accidents involving semi-truckspedestrians being hit and killed by vehicles, and even firefighters being hit on duty, although luckily he survived. It is astounding that so many accidents are happening in such a short time, and, sadly, so many lives are being lost as well. The list above is only a sampling of everything that has been happening over the last few months, but what is causing all these accidents, and how can we help lower the accidents and fatalities going forward? 

Why Idaho Needs to Be More Cautious

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With so many accidents occurring in such a short period, there has to be something changed to lower the amount of fatalities and wrecks. Many of these incidents occur with people behind the wheel, and this raises the question, what is happening for these drivers to have this many accidents? The most obvious explanation is that drivers are likely distracted, perhaps by texting and driving, being careless, or perhaps going too fast. These are all easy things to adjust. Stop texting and driving, pay attention to the road, and slow down. Make sure to wear your seat belt as well, as it could save your life if you are in a wreck. Make sure to be a defensive driver and walker as well. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings and to keep an eye out for any vehicle that gets near you as you walk or are driving down the road. As bad as it sounds, you need to not trust any drivers at this point. 

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Make sure to be extra cautious behind the wheel, crossing the road, and anytime you leave the house. The holidays are here, and nobody should have to lose a loved one this time of year. Traffic will be picking up, ice will invade the rows, and accidents are bound to happen. Take precautions and pay attention, and these accidents hopefully won't be added to the fatality list. Let's lessen the number of accident and fatality stories this holiday season, and carry it over into 2024.

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