I don't use the word awe-inspiring very often, but a hot spring located northwest of Twin Falls that I recently discovered has one of the most incredible views you'll find anywhere in the Gem State. The location is also one that adventurous Magic Valley residents could enjoy and still make it home in time for dinner.

I've had the great privilege of getting to spend years exploring central and southern Idaho. I've seen things that have convinced me that the state of Idaho is truly unique in its natural beauty. A view of a snow-capped McGowan Peak from a kayak on Stanley Lake is an example of one of those otherworldly experiences.

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I recently learned of a site approximately 200 miles northwest of Twin Falls that has now made it on my list of must-do hikes in the Gem State. Eagle's Nest Hot Spring is every bit an extraordinary day trip as any in Idaho, and it's even more magical in the colder months.

Eagle's Nest Hot Spring is not only perched approximately 60 feet above the river, but also has warm water run-off that has created a separate waterfall directly beneath the natural, heated pool. Accessing this spot in deep snow could pose some obvious risks, but heading up from the Magic Valley when conditions aren't calling for snowfall would be a worthwhile road trip.

November is a great month in southern Idaho to visit these types of spots. The snow this time of year doesn't pose nearly the kind of problems getting to off-the-grid locations as it does in months such as January and February.

Happy hot springing!

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