BOISE, Idaho (KLIX)-A long-time Jerome native has started off 2021 with a little more money in his bank account after he claimed the winning Idaho $1 million Raffle.

The Idaho Lottery announced Monday that Charles Zettner is the winner of the annual raffle drawing, now in its 14th year. Zettner told the Idaho Lottery that he had gone to buy the winning ticket on borrowed crutches after injuring his knee while deer hunting. The man bought several tickets from the Tobacco Connection in Jerome. Zettner said during the check presentation that he had seen the winning numbers scroll on the bottom of the television when the numbers were announced in late December, but didn't check them until he had seen an article in the news paper while at work and realized he had a ticket with similar digits. He worked the whole day before heading home to check his numbers and found out one of his tickets was the winner.

After being given the actual check during the check presentation at Idaho Lottery headquarters in Boise Monday, Zettner said, "That's alright, that's a lot more than I had yesterday." Tobacco Connection will get a bonus $20,000 for selling the winning ticket. The Idaho Lottery said tickets for the raffle sold out on December 4, and generated more than $800,000 that will go to Idaho public schools and buildings. “I’m smiling under the mask!” said Zettner during the check presentation.

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