The Lagoon Amusement Park in Utah is known for amazing rides for kids and adults. Rides that spin, fly, scare, drop, and some that will get you soaked on a hot summer day. There are currently 55 fun attractions at the park, but the roller coasters are always our favorites.

How Many Roller Coasters Are There At Lagoon

Amid the 95-acre park, there are a total of 10 roller coasters - though Primordial is set to open in 2023. Not all the roller coasters are scary to all ages: Cannibal will get anyone’s heart racing but Puff the Little Fire Dragon is likely a snooze-fest for anyone older than 10. That doesn’t mean we don’t still ride it if our kids want to. Lagoon doesn’t list Puff as a roller coaster on their website category since it’s a kiddie ride, but we are including it in our question about how adventurous you are when you visit Lagoon.

How Many Lagoon Roller Coasters Have You Ridden?

Have you ridden all of the roller coasters at Lagoon?

Have you ridden all of the roller coasters? You’ll need to visit Lagoon later this season if you want to keep saying that because once Primordial is open, you’ll have to add it to your list.

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It’s interesting how popular roller coasters are. There are apps and websites that help the extremely obsessed keep track of how many roller coasters they have ridden. Apparently, each ride is called a credit among the purists.

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When Is Lagoon Open

Lagoon is now open for the 2023 season. They will run rides on the weekends through May 21st and the following weekend they’ll include weekdays until mid-August.

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