With summer on the way and the heat already here, it’s time for family vacations to amusement parks across the United States.

But, if you live in Idaho you don’t have to go very far for some of the best, and oldest, rides.

This Coaster South of Idaho is One of the Oldest in the Nation

Idaho is home to one of the most amazing amusement parks in the northwest, but you won’t find any of the oldest roller coasters there. The Silverwood Amusement Park is in northern Idaho in the town of Athol. They can’t claim to have one of the oldest roller coasters, but they can say that they now have the longest ‘water coaster’ in the United States now that Eagle Hunt is open.

Credit YouTube
Credit YouTube

To get to the oldest roller coaster in the area, and one of the oldest in the US, you have to head about an hour and a half south of the Idaho border to the Lagoon Amusement Park in Utah. The Roller Coaster (that is the real name but locals call it the White Coaster) is a rickety wooden roller coaster that has seen more than a century of use and even a fire that destroyed a section at the front.

credit Lagoon Amusement Park
credit Lagoon Amusement Park

When Was the Lagoon White Coaster Built in Utah?

The Lagoon Roller Coaster was built in 1921 and takes riders on a 2,500-foot ride with speeds reaching 45 miles per hour. The Roller Coaster at Lagoon is the 5th oldest in the nation behind Jack Rabbit in NY, Jack Rabbit in PA (same name but a different layout), Wild One in MD, and the oldest coaster built in 1902 - Leap the Dips in PA.

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There may be a time in the not-far future when the nickname ‘White Coaster’ won’t make sense. As the coaster ages and the wood is replaced, there will come a day when the roller coaster is a natural lumber color. The ride was painted white to protect the wood but with improved lumber that is treated to resist the elements, painting it isn’t necessary anymore.

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