UPDATE 2-10-20: Sources say the cell phone of Tylee Ryan was found in Hawaii with her mother, Lori.


Tylee Ryan and Joshua Vallow have been missing from their Rexburg home since September of 2019. Details on their whereabouts are scarce and details about the adults in the family are scary. With the kids missing and authorities unable to contact the mother, the story has gained national attention. The few details we do have about the case are a mix of bizarre and confusing. The mother, Lori, and her new husband, Chad, were finally found in Hawaii recently where authorities gave them a timeline to produce the kids. The end of that timeline was last Thursday and the kids are still nowhere to be found. Even possibly more mind-boggling is that no charges have been filed against Lori. The most likely reason for the lack of charges is for police to be sure they have all the evidence they need before pressing any charges, as pointed out by KTVB.

Knowing that the police are working the case is comforting but it is also frustrating that the kids are still missing. The only real news or change in the last few weeks is that we know where Chad and Lori are. East Idaho News also has video footage from a Rexburg storage unit that claims to show Chad Daybell, Lori, and another man visiting a unit multiple times in October and November of 2019. In surveillance footage they are seen loading and unloading items to the storage unit. Inside the storage unit officers found a number of children's items.

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