We already know that the story of the missing Rexburg children is filled with mystery and death, but there is a new chapter involving Lori and a possible murder charge. The two children, JJ and Tylee Ryan, have been missing since September 2019. Despite no sign of the kids, there is still hope they'll be found safe as Chad Daybell recently claimed they are fine. There has been progress in the case, even though Lori Vallow has been in an Idaho jail since early March on a $1 million bond, investigators have added her to a list of potential suspects in the death of Tammy Daybell. Tammy is the former wife of Chad Daybell, Lori's current husband, who died suddenly and mysteriously in her sleep in October. Just a few weeks later Lori and Chad were married in Hawaii.

Foul play has been discussed in the death of Tammy and detectives are still waiting for the results of toxicology and the autopsy. Tammy's death was suspicious because it was unexpected but other factors have raised suspicion that it may not have been a natural death. East Idaho News reported recently that before the death of Tammy, Chad Daybell had been searching for wedding rings and dresses online.

Lori isn't currently being charged with murder or anything new, but a letter claims she and Chad are being investigated by the Idaho Attorney General for a number of things including conspiracy and murder. Chad has not been arrested or charged with any crimes regarding the missing children or death of his wife.

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