In-N-Out Burger coming to Idaho is not new news. The idea has been thrown around for a few years about possible dates, plans, and locations but it wasn’t until recently that things started coming together. Now there’s a new social media post being shared that appears to give a concrete timeline for the first In-N-Out restaurant in Idaho, but it may be fake.

The New In-N-Out Restaurant Information Shared in Idaho Might be Misleading

The social media post claims to be from the Instagram page of Lynsi Snyder, the CEO of the restaurant chain. The post has a picture of Idaho and the words ‘We’re excited to announce we’ll be serving you in Idaho this year’.


That announcement obviously got us pretty excited. We’ve been writing about the burger joint coming to Idaho since the rumor started floating around in 2020. Then, late in 2021, a statement from the company told us that they were indeed coming to Idaho and hoping to open by 2025. In March of 2022, they officially applied to build their first restaurant in Meridian and we were ecstatic. But they weren’t done blowing our minds - in April of 2022, we caught wind that there were plans for a second location in Boise. Clearly, we are excited about this new food option.

Is The Latest Idaho In-N-Out Burger Location Information True?

So, what’s up with this new social media post and why does it seem suspicious? The graphic appears to be from the CEO's Instagram page, but if you visit her account there isn’t anything there about Idaho. If you follow the link in the comments it takes you to the Instagram homepage - meaning the post doesn’t exist.

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Yes, In-N-Out Burger is coming to Idaho but there isn’t an official statement yet from the company on when they will be opening. Sad face. We’ll go back to speculating and waiting.

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