The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is an ever-revolving door of animals from cats to dogs and the occasional chicken, rabbit, and other random farm animals. But the critters that end up staying the longest are the cats and dogs. Some animals come in and are adoptable as soon as possible while other arrive and get overlooked for weeks. Right now at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter there are a number of dogs who have been passed by for over a month by potential owners. Below are a few of those dogs that have been at the shelter for more than a month.

Rango is an active dog who was adopted by a hopeful family but ended up being too much dog for their small family. He'd be good for a family that's a little bigger without small kids that he may accidentally knock down.

Katie has been at the shelter for far too long also. She's a 10 year old charmer and she gets along with other dogs, cats, kids, and would be good for most any home.

KC is a big boy who would be a great adventure pal. He does well with other dogs his size but doesn't get along with cats.

A lot of the pets that come into the shelter are elderly and just need a place to finish out their last few years of life in a home that loves them. Other times the animals come in with neglect and health issues like the recent story we shared of a severely underweight and neglected dog.

There's also a special event coming up this weekend on August 31, 2019 at the Twin Falls Farmer's Market if you currently have pets that need to be microchipped.

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