Finding a home to buy right now can be tricky. You have to find the one that's right for you and then you have to move quick or someone else will swipe it out from under you. I recently had to sell a house that was part of my dad's estate when he passed away. Before the realtor even posted the property for sale online she had a few offers and half a dozen other people interested in the place. We were able to sell it for what we wanted and it all happened in just about a week.

What Is The Least Expensive House For Sale In Twin Falls Right Now?

If you take a stroll down memory lane here in Twin Falls, houses didn't used to be so high priced. When I bought my 2,4000 square foot house, granted it was old and needed some work, we were able to purchase it for right around $100k. Now the real estate websites have it valued at at least triple what we paid. Even the smaller house in Twin are going high and going fast. So, what are the least expensive houses for sale in Twin Falls and what do they look like? Find out in the gallery below:

11 Least Expensive Houses For Sale In Twin Falls

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Are All Houses Selling Fast In Twin Falls?

While it looks like most houses don't stay on the market for very long, there are a few that have been listed as 'for sale' for a long time. The longest on the market house listed on Zillow has been up for 91 days, which still doesn't seem like very long. Many of the houses that have been listed for extended amounts of time are also the houses with higher price tags, like these 6 mansions in Twin Falls that nobody wants to buy.

Twin Falls Mansions Nobody Wants To Buy

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