I think it's time to look at fancy real estate again here in Twin Falls. I was going through the listings on Zillow to see what big house are available. My house size is fine, but there are days when it would be nice to have a little more space to spread out (aka hide). While looking through some of the biggest houses around town I noticed that most of them have been on the market for more than 100 days. Why doesn't anybody want to buy these Twin Falls area mansions? Is the price too high or are the big houses not really that nice? Check out  mansions around the area that nobody seems to want.

Twin Falls Mansions Nobody Wants To Buy

You can argue my choices since there isn't a technical definition of how big a mansion is. I decided to go about double the average house size in Twin Falls so the list only includes mansions larger than 4,500 square feet. From there the prices are pretty much all over the place between $750,000 and $2 million.

Looking at the pictures and locations, I have to assume that nobody is buying these houses because of the price. They all seem to be really nice, so it can't be because they aren't good houses. You can get a pretty big house in Twin Falls for a lot less than most of these mansions. With the average house priced around $350,000 and 2,200 square foot floor plans according to Movoto, maybe it just makes more sense to go nice, but not 'mansion' level.

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