Currently, everyone is talking about the COVID-19 pandemic as schools are ordered to soft close, non-essential businesses are asked to close, and citizens should stay home as much as possible. But, a few weeks ago everyone was talking about Lori Vallow and her missing children. JJ and Tylee have been missing since September of 2019 though Chad Daybell recently claimed the children are safe. Lori was extradited from Hawaii to Idaho where she remains in the Madison County Jail on a $1 million bail. After failing to prove that her children are safe she was charged with desertion and nonsupport of dependent children. She is once again asking that her bail be lowered.

This story is riddled with confusion, mystery, and even death. You can read the full story in one of our previous posts which goes into the details of the timeline plus the death of two of Lori's husbands, a brother, and her current husbands previous wife. Even with distractions from other news events, East Idaho News has been keeping an eye on Lori and digging into her history in hopes of finding something to help the case. They recently found something that seems fishy. The wedding ring Lori wore in Hawaii was purchased weeks before the death of Chad's wife Tammy. Chad and Lori were married on November 5th, just a few weeks after the death of Tammy and the ring was purchased online more than two weeks prior to that. Does that mean they planned to marry even while Chad was still married?

To be the Devil's advocate, the ring appears to be purchased by Lori and isn't technically labelled as a wedding ring. So, she could have bought it and then just used it as a wedding band since the wedding was so rushed. On the East Idaho website you can see pictures of the ring and the purchase invoice.

May 7th, is Lori's next scheduled court appearance.

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