Driving in Idaho comes with a lot of expectations and rules. You have to be aware of what you are doing and what others are doing because you can’t guarantee that the car next to you knows or will follow safety laws.

My daughter just finished driver's ed and literally ran into a situation where she was obeying the law and almost got hit. To avoid the collision, she ran over a curb and the other driver went on their merry way oblivious to the law they had broken and the mini heart attack they gave a teenage girl. The issue was at an intersection in Twin Falls near Canyon Ridge High School (but happens all over town where the intersection has multiple lanes of same-direction travel) where a car came through the intersection turning left and failed to maintain the proper lane.

What Does it Mean to Maintain Your Lane in Idaho?

Maybe someone at the police department saw what happened because their next ‘Traffic Tip Tuesday’ was about maintaining your lane when turning at an intersection. They displayed a picture of the exact situation my daughter was in and asked the community who was at fault. The answer may surprise you.

The car turning left through the intersection has to turn into the closest lane, the farthest left, and not the lane on the right. Even when they have a green arrow light or there is no oncoming traffic like the one-way streets in downtown Twin Falls where we have a tendency to turn left into a center lane or a far-right lane when you really should maintain your lane in the furthest to the left.

For the car turning right, they also have to maintain their lane by staying in the lane that is furthest right. Failure to maintain your lane can result in a $90 fine and obviously could cause an accident.

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Despite the clear explanation by the police in their social media post including links to the Idaho code, people still argued in the more than 2,000 comments about which car was at fault. Would calling it the 'Don't Swing Wide' law make it easier to understand?

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So, be aware that even simple Idaho driving laws can be confusing to some drivers. Take care, pay attention, and maintain your lane.

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