There are a lot of dangers when it comes to driving, but intersections are among the worst. Some are uncontrolled, others have stop signs or yield signs in one direction, and others have stop signs for everyone. But even with helpful signs, people are still confused by intersections.

One of the intersections in Downtown Twin Falls is seeing more pedestrian and vehicle traffic than in previous years and it is causing an issue for the city. They have recognized the issue and plan to install more stop signs to help make the area more safe.

FYI - 1 Dangerous Twin Falls Intersection will be a 4-Way Stop Soon

The intersection of Hansen Street and Main Avenue in Downtown Twin Falls near the splash pad and City Offices will become an all-way stop on Thursday, October 5th. The Twin Falls alert states:

Because of the increased traffic and pedestrian volume at the intersection, the City of Twin Falls determined that a multiway stop and stop bars on all approaches will increase safety. Safety concerns associated with multiway stops include pedestrians, bicyclists, and other users expecting drivers to stop.

The City reminds drivers that an all-way stop requires vehicles on every approach to stop at the intersection before proceeding. Drivers must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Dangerous Intersections in Downtown Twin Falls

The change to an all-way stop at Hansen Street will make that intersection only the 3rd all-way stop on Main in Twin Falls. The other two are located at Idaho Street and Gooding Street.

Credit Google Maps/Canva Pro
Credit Google Maps/Canva Pro

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We do hope the additional signs will help make the intersection safer, but we also know that many in Twin Falls don’t fully stop at the signs we already have. So, will the additional signage make the intersection safer or just be another frustrating intersection downtown?

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Maybe the city should consider additional stop signs on Main at Fairfield and Main at Eden. I’ve had near accidents at those intersections multiple times…or should the drivers crossing Main just be better at driving and stay stopped at the stop signs until the road is clear like they are supposed to do?

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