People do weird stuff for attention. This guy up in Boise at a TEDx event stuffed 100 candles in his mouth, lit them, and let them burn for 30 seconds. Somehow that type of activity merits a Guinness World Record. Check out the video - and if you are impatient, he lights them at 1:50.

You know what I thought watching that video? Remember those wax candies that you used to get at Halloween that were shaped like lips? That is what I was thinking about and that these candles are probably even more gross than the disgusting candies were. I wasn't really impressed by the feat. But who cares. This guys has a world record and I don't.

I really didn't think all of those candles were going to fit into his mouth though. That was pretty crazy. Plus the ending reminded me of my grandmother's 88th birthday where we made the mistake of putting 88 candles on a cake and lighting it in the house. It took more than just grandma to put out that birthday blaze and we quickly found out that the smoke detectors were working.

I think what we can all learn from this video is that you can look around you right now and probably find something silly or weird that you can do and it may get you a Guinness World Record.

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