A moderate sized earthquake just hit near Idaho's eastern border on Monday afternoon. The quake happened just north of Driggs and east of Rexburg around 3 PM. The USGS rates the earthquake at a 3.1 magnitude which is strong enough to shake a house and, according to East Idaho News, was felt by many residents around the area. The good news is that a 3.1 magnitude earthquake isn't a huge earthquake. A 4.2 happened earlier this year near the Old Faithful geyser and dozens of smaller quakes have gently rocked the eastern Idaho border over the last week.

Small earthquakes are constantly happening underneath us but sometimes it takes a larger one to get our attention. In 2017, Soda Springs in south east Idaho was hit by nearly 100 earthquakes over the course of a week. Most were small and wouldn't be worth talking about had there not been a large 5.3 magnitude quake during that time frame. Over the last seven days there have been more than 50 small earthquakes near Idaho's eastern border.

The largest earthquake in Idaho history happened in 1983 when a 7.3 magnitude quake hit just under Borah Peak. Two children were killed in the earthquake and damage was assessed around $12 million.

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