If you love the great outdoors and aren't following the National Park Service on Facebook, you need to do yourself a favor and check them out. Their social media feed is full of pictures and useful information mixed with hilarious jokes and misconceptions about adventuring outdoors.

What Does The National Park Service Say To Do During A Bear Encounter?

First off: if you think you an go play with bears at a National Park you are wrong and really need to read this list. Second: The list does have some humor in it but event the jokes hold truth:

My favorite suggestions are the 'don't immediately play dead...bears can sense overacting' and 'don't climb a tree. Bears can climb trees...when was the last time you climbed a tree?'. The main takeaway for an unexpected bear encounter is to move slowly away and be prepared with bear spray.

Check Out This Graphic Showing How To Pet Wild Animals In Our National Parks.

Much like the thought of playing with a wild bear is a ridiculous idea, so is attempting to pet any of the wild animals you'll encounter in a national Park. They frequently remind us to not 'pet the fluffy cows' and put together a graphic two years ago showing the 'Wildlife Petting Chart':

Don't Be A Touron When Visiting National Parks

We get quite a few stories each year of tourists who make bad decisions when visiting National Parks. We call them 'tourons'. Don't be a touron.

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