The tourons have emerged from their homes to explore the great outdoors and they have already started their bad decision making. 'Tourons' are what we call the moron tourists. The ones you see in Yellowstone making dangerous choices around the wildlife and natural tourist attractions. The latest touron was caught getting extremely close to a bison to take a picture. There are obviously a lot of issues with his choice to put himself in danger, especially when you look at his camera. It looks like he has a lens on the camera that would get a perfectly fine shot from the recommended 25 yards away. Check out the touron in this Instagram post:

This isn't the first touron of the year at Yellowstone and it won't be the last. In February a group on snowmobiles tempted fate by getting too close to bison. Last year we posted at least a half dozen stories about tourons who harassed the wildlife. Some were on foot and others on motorcycles. Tourons don't just visit Yellowstone, there was also the very lucky woman who posed next to a bear last year and almost ended up as dinner.

Tourons don't just mess with the animals. Sometimes they just make poor decisions by going off-trail in dangerous areas. There are proper ways to visit Yellowstone and have fun while being safe, you can even get in a good vacation over a weekend.

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I was almost one of those tourons a few years ago when I visited Yellowstone and a Grizzly Bear appeared on the trail not far from us. For a few moments I fumbled for my phone snapped a picture and then quickly walked the opposite direction. There's something about wanting to prove we were that close that makes us act like fools and make dangerous decisions.

Don't be a touron this year. If you want to pet the wild animals, please refer to this graphic on how to properly and safely do that from the National Park Service.

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