I was recently visiting the South Hills Middle School and was surprised at the massive amount of construction work happening around the school. There seems to be a constant bustle of crews and equipment working to the west of the school during the day and south across the street seems to have a lot going on too. But what are they doing?

From the school parking lot I saw a sign for a bank and thought they were building a bank and maybe a new shopping center. Which would be cool south of town since everything else is to the north. Sadly, it isn't a new shopping center, bank, or any type of business. They are building more houses. One house is actually almost finished. I assume it is the model home but I wasn't able to confirm that with anyone on site.

There has been so much construction in town and to the north but for some reason no new businesses are building south of town. Why do you think that is? There are a few options in the Swensen's shopping area, but it doesn't seem like they are as busy as other stores in town. Would you like to see more shopping or food options on this side of the railroad tracks?

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