If you own a home, you know that occasionally you'll find something in your house that you want to change. Maybe you used to like a certain style or there's a better way to do something, so you want to make changes. You may also be completely happy with your home until you find out about a new technology or home improvement item that you didn't know you needed. That's where the Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show comes in.

Home Tech Ideas You'll Love

In 2020, when I was remodeling my kitchen I had no idea that I needed an LED lit backsplash behind my stove. After the Home and Garden Show is when I knew that it was going to happen in my house. And it did. The glass tiles behind my stove light up in any variety of colors now and I love it. Plus the lights are connected to my smart home devices so I can control my stove lighting from anywhere.

LED Lit Backsplash N8
LED Lit Backsplash N8

What Is The Hot New Tech For Home Remodels

Smart technology in homes isn't a new idea. We've had smart appliances, lights, thermostat controls, TV's, and speakers for years. But as with all things in the tech world, everything has an upgrade or an add-on. Here are some of the cool new home tech ideas you might find this year at the Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show in Twin Falls:

  • Smart Water Heaters
  • Smart Radiant Heating
  • Smart Garage Door Controllers
  • Smart Outlets and USB Wall Outlets
  • Home Theater Upgrades
  • Built-in Wireless Charging Stations
  • LED Lit Tiles
  • Smart Internet Routers

The 2022 Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show is brought to you by Intermountain New Holland.

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LED Lit Backsplash

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