In the first few days of the coronavirus pandemic, before we even really knew anything about it, there seemed to be a lot of people getting ready to price gouge their neighbors. Prices online for toilet paper and hand sanitizer jumped as individuals looked to make a profit on the fear. But, karma can be quick and some of these opportunist are now stuck with their excess and unable to sell it. Despite the stories of crazy shopping trips and attempts at price gouging there are some really great and uplifting things also happening. Individuals and businesses are stepping up around the nation and right here in Idaho. This isn't something new to us - being a good person is something a lot of Idahoans are good at as proven during the Snowpocalypse of 2017.

Good People Rants and Raves

People in the Magic Valley are again stepping up and volunteering to help their neighbors and strangers in need. I've seen quite a few posts in local Facebook groups offering help to those who may need toiletry supplies, food, or childcare help. If you are in need of assistance you can find many of these good people on the Facebook Rants and Raves page. Also a huge shout-out needs to be given to those working at grocery store, doctors and nurses, and truck drivers still out there doing their jobs to make sure our country keeps running.

As far as businesses helping out during this emergency time, Scholastic is offering free online classes for kids who might be stuck at home and in need of mental stimulation. Comcast is opening up their mobile hotspots for all to use free. There are a few locations in Idaho where this will be useful including Sun Valley, Hailey, and Bellevue. AT&T, Charter Communications, Verizon, and T-Mobile have also announced either access to free internet or upgraded customers to unlimited data for a limited time. The Federal Reserve has cut rates to zero for now to help those who may struggle. U-Haul is offering free storage to students who may be misplaced by school closures and in need of a place to keep their supplies. Disneyland has even donated leftover food after closing their theme parks.

Remeber, be kind and wash your hands.

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