I don't normally write opinion articles, because usually my opinion isn't very interesting, but this topic affects millions of people and some are bound to be upset. Netflix is raising their rates again, but I think it is fair and worth it. I'm not endorsing the company or paid by them, I have to pay for my account like everyone else. That's why I am on the basic $9 plan. So, before I get into my opinion, here are the details on the price hike. On the Hollywood Reporter they are reporting that the price hikes will only affect the Standard and Premium plans, the basic plan (the one I'm on) stays at $9. The standard plan will go up in price to $14 and the premium plan will now be $18. If you are on those plans or debating the upgrade it's only $1 more for the standard and $2 more for premium.

This is why I personally think the price change is OK and still worth it. In my house we have Hulu, Disney+, Vudu, the Roku Channel, Netflix. and I still use Redbox to rent movies. With all those options at my fingertips I use Netflix almost exclusively. I have only used the Disney+ account to watch the Mandalorian (season 2 is out now so I'll be using Disney+ again for a while). I haven't used my Hulu account since my wife and I binged Superstore, and this may be odd but my phone just dinged to let me know the new season of Superstore is available on Hulu. Sometimes it feels like these apps can read my mind. I never really use my Vudu or the Roku Channel apps. I use Netflix almost every day.

I wrote about Netflix earlier this week as a study had released each states favorite Netflix show. FYI - for Idaho it is Stranger Things. In that story I talked about my streaming habits during the pandemic. I've watched almost everything I could want to see on Netflix, I'm just starting season 2 of The Umbrella Academy this week, and I haven't been disappointed by any of the Netflix originals.

That's why I think the price hike is worth it. Netflix seems to be putting out better content than any other source, including Hollywood, and there is constantly new stuff to watch. You may not share my opinion, my wife actually prefers to watch her shows on Hulu and my kids like Disney+ but they use Netflix more. I just think that a company who is trying to put out new quality content (just forget about Hubie Halloween) can charge a little more every few years as long as the content stays quality and options continue to grow.

Do you think the Netflix price hike is worth it too?

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