I was pretty surprised that when the pandemic started I wasn't spending hours on my couch binge watching TV shows. It actually seems like it took a while to get accustomed to working from home and balancing that with home life. That has since changed. Now, I feel like I've watched almost everything I'd like to watch on Netflix. I also must admit that I haven't been disappointed in any of the shows I've watched. Maybe the worst show I watched was 'Lost In Space'. I still really liked that one, I just have issues with some of the acting. If you have watched everything and are now stuck scraping the bottom of the barrel for shows, check out this map of the favorite show in each state and see if you have watched all of them. I haven't.

Idaho Favorite Netflix Show credit HighSpeedInternet
Idaho Favorite Netflix Show credit HighSpeedInternet

The High Speed Internet website put together the map to show the most popular Netflix show in each state. Idaho has a solid win in show choice with Stranger Things. If you haven't watched it, what have you been doing with your life? Lots of people are watching The Umbrella Academy. I just finished the first season last night and I definitely see the appeal. GLOW (now cancelled), Orange is the New Black, and Black Mirror all had a pretty strong showing. Those three are shows that I have no desire to watch so it is interesting to me that so many other people like it. Of course the Tiger King showed up on the list since everyone was talking about it for a hot minute earlier this year.

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