A photograph of what looks to be like a ball of light inside one of Twin Falls oldest buildings was shared recently on social media. The owner of the property also recently asked the public what they thought of the idea of Halloween Ghost tours in the coming weeks.

Twin Falls Economic Development shared a photograph over the weekend on its Instagram page that has been getting a good response from locals. The picture, taken inside The Orpheum Theatre in Twin Falls, appears to show an anomaly of sorts. It's not known if it was caused by the lighting, the camera, or something paranormal.

The theatre's owner also recently teased the idea of ghost tours in the building on its Facebook page. I had the opportunity to take one of these tours with a co-worker of mine a couple years back, and had an awesome time. We were granted access to certain areas in the building that most don't get to see.

I think tours at the Orpheum Theatre are a great idea. Any chance someone gets to walk around inside this magnificent old property is worth pursuing.

Orpheum Theatre Tour

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