Idaho is beautiful. Idaho is awesome. Idaho is also huge and sometimes you can’t get out of work or your house to see it all. That’s where these Idaho outdoor cameras come in and save the day.

One of the big benefits of technology is the ability to access information with a click of the computer mouse. Sometimes that information is a story, like the one you are reading, and other times the information is more visual, like a picture or video. I’m a visual learner, that’s why I watch movies instead of reading the book versions. That’s also why I love having access to dozens of outdoor cameras from around Idaho.

This Awesome Website Lets You See All The Best Outdoor Cameras In Idaho

From the comfort of your chair at home you can see a live video feed of the Shoshone Falls, what traffic looks like on the Perrine Bridge or any Idaho highway, and you can watch the penguins at the Idaho Falls Zoo and the Osprey babies in Sandpoint. You can also check the conditions at pretty much any ski resort in the state and many rivers and lakes.

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The videos aren’t just for wasting time at work either, they can be educational and helpful. If you’re planning a trip to see the Shoshone Falls, you’re going to want to make sure beforehand that there is water going over. If you want to drive up to Sandpoint to see the Osprey, you definitely want to know that they are there before you pack the family into the car.

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Did you know about all these outdoor Idaho cameras already? Do you have a favorite?

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