There is currently a live video feed of the Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls that you can watch anytime and from anywhere.

Credit Benito Baeza
Credit Benito Baeza

How to Watch the Live Video Feed of The Shoshone Falls

In 2014, a camera was installed overlooking the Snake River Canyon and the Shoshone Falls. The City of Twin Falls installed the camera with a live video feed streaming to their website so residents and visitors could check the water flows from their homes. The live video isn’t embeddable, so you have to visit the Shoshone Falls video site to see it.

Which Feed Is Best For Viewing The Live Shoshone Falls Video

On the live video website, there are three video stream options in the top left corner: Stream 1, Stream 2, and M-JPEG. Depending on your internet connection, you may need to try a different option if the video is choppy. I’ve had good luck with Stream 1 and 2 being a really clear video quality. The M-JPEG option is always choppy.

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When To Use The Shoshone Falls Live Video Feed

Credit Fish on Unsplash
Credit Fish on Unsplash

You may be wondering what the benefit is of having a live feed of the Shoshone Falls since the waterfall is something you want to see in person and not online. The water flow of the Shoshone Falls isn’t consistent. There are days when the water is flowing all the way across and other days when there is only a small trickle. The live video will save you a trip and possible disappointment if you were to head down on a day when the waterfall was less than impressive.

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