It never fails, and it isn't just here in Idaho, that when you tell someone the name of a city they will immediately reference something they think they know about that city. Sometimes, by default we actually say the name of a city and then reference something about it so outsiders know what we are talking about. It makes sense since every city has a name and something special about it. Except for Chubbuck, nothing special there. Actually, Chubbuck brings us to the point of this story: if you couldn't call the city by its name and had to use a catchphrase or nickname, what would it be?

We chose 11 Southern Idaho cities and gave them new, better, slogans: not including Southern Idaho which we will from now on just call 'Better Idaho'.


'The Armpit of Idaho' would be a good nickname for this best-forgotten city.

Twin Falls

There are a few nicknames that would be great for Twin Falls. 'Western Niagara' would clear up a lot of confusion. No more explaining where the twin waterfalls are or if the Shoshone Falls is different than the non-existent twin falls. 'Perrine Bridgetown' or 'BASE Jump Haven' also makes more sense since we have the Perrine Bridge and it is a popular tourist spot.


'The Real Home of Blue Grass' thanks to the Smurf-turf at the Bronco stadium.


'Wishes it Were Twin Falls'. Let's be honest, Jerome may be cool but there's an underlying jealousy of the big brother city across the canyon.


'New Twin Falls' is the perfect name for Kimberly. Over the last few years there has been a mecca of Twin Falls residents moving to tiny Kimberly, and that has made the small town a cool mini version of Twin.


'Not as Manly as it Sounds'. When I moved to Idaho, the name Burley always made me think of large, hairy residents. Really, Burley is loaded with great people and not too much testosterone.


'Only Exists in the Fall' describes the small town of Albion perfectly. When the Haunted Mansions are open the place is a madhouse and then it disappears into the shadows and our nightmares until the next season.


'Not as Racist as it Sounds' is a great slogan for Blackfoot. With the current state of cancel culture and political correctness, how has Blackfoot slipped under the radar?


'North Provo' explains Rexburg perfectly if you have ever been to Provo in Utah.


'Come During Sagebrush Days'. Buhl is a pretty terrible name, for a while when I moved here I pronounced it as 'Bu-hole' until I was corrected and embarrassed. You really should be in Buhl during Sagebrush Days, at least for the parade each year.

Sun Valley

'Posh Idaho'. Sun Valley is always thought of as the fancy town where the rich and famous live, visit, and own vacation homes.

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Those are our new nicknames and slogans for 11 Better Idaho cities.

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