This is why parents are afraid to send their kids off to school. You never know what is going to happen that could compromise the safety of our kids.

The police are currently investigating reports of suspicious activity near bus stops in the Twin Falls School District. Press release info:

The Twin Falls Police Department is asking for the community’s assistance in locating two white males who have been reported as attempting to entice children.  On Tuesday August 22, 2017 the Twin Falls Police Department received two separate reports of juveniles being approached by two white adult men over the past week and being offered rides to school.  The first event occurred on Thursday August 17, 2017, in the area of Heyburn Avenue East and Teton Street.  The second event was reported to have occurred on August 22, 2017, in the area of Sunrise Blvd. and Shoup Avenue East.  The adult men were reported to be driving a white van at the time of both events.

They are urging parents to go over safe practices with students. What do you want your child to do if approached by a stranger? What should your child do if they see or hear something they shouldn't?

Please, teach your kids how to be safe getting to the bus stop, on the bus, and on their walk home from the stops.

BONUS VIDEO: What To Do If Approached By A Stranger At The Bus Stop

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