Twin Falls Police have warned residents and visitors to not throw anything off the Perrine Bridge into the Snake River Canyon. Not only is it dangerous but it is also illegal. Many people don't realize the danger that it is to drop something from the bridge and the damage it can cause to people or boats that may be passing below. I get the odd joy that can come from dropping things from an elevated place. There are even YouTube channels, like How Ridiculous, which specialize in dropping things from really high places to see what happens.

A coworker recently saw some kids throwing a giant rock over the edge of the bridge as their mother stood by doing nothing to stop them. Sounds like fun, yes, but there are boats, kayakers, and hiking trails below the bridge. Even something small like a penny could cause serious damage when dropped from the 480 foot tall bridge.

In 2018, KMVT reported that throwing items from the bridge can have serious legal consequences including a $300 for the first time caught and $1,000, 30 days in jail, and a misdemeanor charge for the second offense. wrote last year that recovery teams had found at least a dozen shopping carts from below they bridge. A man in Canada was arrested last month for throwing things from a bridge  at cars.

Both above and below the Perrine Bridge are popular areas for visitors especially BASE jumpers and kayakers.

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