BASE jumping to me has become about as Idaho as potatoes. Especially living in Southern Idaho where people come from around the world to jump off the Perrine Bridge. World records have been attempted and set by intrepid BASE jumpers here in the Magic Valley. Not all BASE jumps go as planned as it is a dangerous activity, yet jumpers are getting more creative each year. They've gone from just jumping off the edge of the bridge to jumping from vehicles as they drive across the bridge. They jump in groups and costumes and sometimes wearing less than costumes. Other adventurous jumpers have even varied where they jump from like the recent incident posted near the coulee waterfall.

Another less used location for BASE jumping was featured in a 'Best Of' video from a few years ago. In this video you can see that they are jumping from the canyon rim right over Pillar Falls. That's what it looks like to me but having only seen that area from a kayak I may be wrong. Check for yourself, and the rest of us, to see if it really is a jump into the Snake River Canyon. You don't even have to search for the clip since it is the first video featured in the compilation.

I love watching those videos since BASE jumping looks like so much fun and a huge adrenaline rush. I even found a video that doesn't feature any jumps from Idaho but may have a cooler looking location than the Perrine Bridge. In this video from YouTube at about 2:22 a guy jumps from an area called the Beachy Head in East Sussex and it looks insane.

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